Wycombe Homeless Connection update 9 April 2020

Wycombe Homeless Connection update 9 April 2020

We do hope you and all your loved ones and friends are keeping well and we would like to wish you all a very happy Easter.

We had hoped to see any of you at our annual service of celebration at the end of April but this will now not be going ahead.

We will be emailing more news and updates rather than just about volunteering news for a while now, keeping you all up to date on how everything is going. If you don’t want to receive these emails anymore, just let us know by emailing contact@wyhoc.org.uk, or giving us a call on 01494 447699.

We want to start with a good news story for you:

F’s story:

We’ve known F for quite a while. He was in our night shelter this year and had been regularly arriving for his spot, getting a meal, a bed for the night and breakfast.

We knew F had sustained a hip injury a little while back that had been treated. But one evening, he arrived at the night shelter complaining that he was in a lot of pain. So we got him back to hospital where sadly it was found his hip was injured again. F had to stay hospital for a number of weeks for surgery and treatment.

F progressed well under the amazing care of the NHS team but the time soon came for him to be discharged.

While F had been in hospital, we had closed the night shelter as the scale of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic became clear and we quickly decided we couldn’t continue to run it and keep our guests and volunteers safe from the virus.

So our Homeless Health Worker worked closely with the hospital and made sure that on discharge he had somewhere safe to go. We settled him into a local bed and breakfast where he could continue his recovery. We’re checking with him regularly to make sure he has what he needs. And he is doing so much better now. His hip is continuing to improve.

What’s happened since our last update

  • We’ve been busy on the phones and online talking to people who have needed help and advice with a housing crisis.
  • We’ve been continuing to work to find people who are in our temporary accommodation more permanent homes and have moved some guests into supported living in the last few weeks alone.
  • A small team of our volunteers have been asked to make calls to our guests from their home, just to keep in touch and see if they have everything they need, check on them regularly and give them a chance for a conversation.
  • All our food parcels are now being organised by One Can Trust from their stocks. We’re lending a hand, delivering them to our guests which is one more way we are keeping in touch with them.
  • We’ve brought back the blog on our website so you can read stories of the people WHC are helping right now. https://www.wyhoc.org.uk/Blogs/blog We’ve popped a story on the end of this email for you.


How we are doing for money

We’ve had quite a few questions about how we are doing for funding. The commitment from the government to cover the cost of emergency accommodation for people who would be on the street came at just the right time. We already had moved everyone we knew was street homeless into safe accommodation when we shut the shelter in early March. This meant and we were spending upwards of £4000 a week until the start of April when the government took over.

However, other costs are up and a looming problem is that all the fundraising events our community hold on our behalf have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. And we anticipate the need for our services will grow as the measures put in place to prevent evictions and house people who are street homeless come to an end.

That means we still need donations, especially regular gifts, so please do keep sharing our stories, news and appeal so everyone in our community can see the difference they can make. You can make our messages reach much further than we can – so thank you! Visit our website got more; www.wyhoc.org.uk/donate