Weddings at Trinity

Congratulations! The fact that you are looking at this page probably means that you are going to be married. We wish you well in your planning and preparation for this important change in your lives. May God bless you through each other. These days there are many possible venues for weddings. So, why get married in church? In a church wedding you make your promises and vows consciously asking God to be with you in the promises you make, and in your marriage. A church wedding is a good way to begin a Christian marriage. Everything we do in church weddings is done in the belief that God is with us, and that God’s presence makes all the difference. Trinity is part of the United Reformed Church. Our policy is that anyone who is legally free to marry, and seeks to do so relying on the love and forgiveness of God can be married in our church. In other words, people who have been divorced can get married in our church. The minister will talk with you about why your previous marriage failed, and what you have learnt from that experience. If you are thinking of getting married at Trinity, we strongly recommend that you come to morning worship at 10.30 on any Sunday to meet us and see how we do things. You will be made very welcome whatever your circumstances.

What we offer

We will support you in preparing for your wedding and for your marriage. We will ask you to meet with the minister three or four times in the months before your wedding. The timing and subject for each of these meetings is generally as follows:

1. Initial Interview

  • To say why you wish to be married in church.
  • To agree a date and time for the wedding.
  • To hear what we offer and what we ask of you.
  • To find out about legal requirements.
  • To give names, address, etc

2. Preparation session

  • To explore what makes a good marriage
  • Where possible this is done with other couples preparing for marriage
  • To be reminded of the need to give notice at the Registration Office
  • To make some practical decisions about your wedding, such as organ, flowers, etc. so that Trinity people can be booked for these if needed.
  • To add more details to our records for your wedding, if available e.g. bridesmaids names etc

3. Session to look at your wedding:

  • To plan the contents of your wedding service

4. Rehearsal (a few days before your wedding day)

  • We also provide an authorised person to complete the marriage register and certificate according to legal requirements; a person to operate the sound desk; and an organist. We give permission, for your official photographer only, to take photos or video during the service, provided this is done discreetly.

Costs and Payment

Use of Sanctuary £100
Conducting and arranging wedding £70
Organist £60
Authorised person for Registers £40
Person operating sound system £40
TOTAL £310

Fees must be received a month prior to your wedding