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Revive Overview

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Revive – what does it mean?

In a nutshell – ‘Revive’ at Trinity means renovating our building in obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit so as to provide a warm, welcoming and flexible space for worship and for community activities.

Revive – what is happening as a result?

People are finding a place to belong at Trinity. Every day of the week, now, people meet to worship or to exercise, to eat and to chat, to sing or to learn. We thank God for the variety of people whose lives are being blessed through what we offer here.

Revive – next steps?

We want to build stronger and deeper relationships between church and community groups at Trinity, developing the model of partnership and mutual involvement that is a core part of our Revive vision.

Read more below for the history of how Revive came about, and our plans for 2012 and beyond.

In 2005 the Church Meeting (the decision-making body of Trinity) agreed a larger vision for our future, involving the redevelopment of our building. As we reflected on how we might engage more with our local community and seek to reach out in practical and creative ways, it became obvious that the building as it was then configured was simply not appropriate for those needs.

Our research indicated that there was a strong unmet demand for large community spaces in the town, particularly for those near a car park, bus stop and the railway station. We are close to them all!

We called our vision ‘Revive’ and developed the above logo to reflect what we wanted to achieve both for our building and our congregation, so that we would be in a much better place for the future. Our vision was not focused only on ourselves at a spiritual level but to be able to provide a warm welcome and good facilities for all who come through our doors.

In 2007, with level access in mind, we had a new side entrance made with a ramp and steps alongside the road leading to the Railway Place car park. Three new toilets were also built, including one that is easily accessible for people with physical disabilities.

Also in 2007 the Church Meeting agreed a larger vision which meant that our plans for the use of the building were much more ambitious, involving the creation of a multi-purpose, warm, welcoming, light and flexible space through the reordering of our sanctuary.

In 2012 and beyond

We still have plans for further work to the top end of the building, subject to obtaining the necessary funding.

Our vision to provide a ‘home’ to a number of community groups (and churches) throughout the week and also to provide facilities for events and concerts is becoming a reality. There are still challenges and opportunities ahead but we are confident that God is involved in our decision-making and in leading us forward.

We hope and pray that anyone who comes into Trinity will find a warm welcome, peace and a spiritual ‘home’, whether this is at any of our services and events, or with any of the diverse community groups meeting during the week.

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