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Phase 1 Updates

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March 2007

As part of the ongoing process of our vision and development, a working party recently undertook a review of the Revive project. Issues addressed by the working party are as follows;

  • Heating system - replacement and timing
  • Unresolved issue of pulpit and pews 
  • Given our current financial outlook, is there a plan which enables us to commence work without taking the Synod loan (or minimises the size of loan we take)? 
  • Setting aside financial constraints, is there a plan which will better serve our future worship and mission needs, which requires us to move forward in faith?

The working party has come up with a series of recommendations set out in the following documents. The March 2007 Revive Review, The Revive Review detailed costs.

The documents are PDF files, if you do not have a reader installed, click on one of the links below to download a free PDF Reader

foxit_getreader getacro

February 2007

An initial draft of the church's year end accounts suggests that we had around £40,500 "ring-fenced" for the Revive project at the end of 2006. Together with the Synod loan and grant this produces a fund to date of £140,500 and a short- fall of £36,500 for Phase 1 of the redevelopment project.

I am writing this ahead of the January church meeting (to meet the copy deadline for the Febru- ary Recorder), when I plan to present a scaled down plan for Phase 1, if we are not in a position to fund the entire phase. We will also be discussing "Promises of Intent" at the church meeting regarding interest free loans and / or donations, as a way forward to reaching the funding of £177,000 required to commission and complete Phase 1 in full. Let us all pray for a generous response from the fellowship in the months between now and the development start date in late Summer / early Autumn.


January 2007

  • Funds Raised
    Audrey Bruton’s afternoon teas continue to raise funds for REVIVE, as do the monthly church lunches. Thanks to all who contribute, both financially and with their time.
    The St Andrew’s Dinner Dance raised £1530 and was well-supported and very enjoyed by all who attended.
  • Future Event Dates
    The next date for your diary is a supper/dinner evening with Pam Rhodes on Saturday 17 March 2007. Trinity Nightbirds are organising this and more details will follow next month.
  • Funds Needed
    We still need over £36,000 to be able to start any work. Some of you may be asking whether we should step out in faith and begin the redevelopment … the REVIVE committee have discussed this and strongly believe this would not be right apart from being fraudulent! It may be that you want to support the redevelopment project financially but don’t want to make a further gift until we have a definite start date or until you can see visible evidence of work starting. The difficulty is that we cannot begin work until we have the funds – the old chicken and egg scenario!

    Would you be willing to make a ‘promise of intent’ for a specified sum or an interest-free loan for REVIVE? This would enable us to make an informed decision about actual and promised funds, and as importantly, to avoid further delays. The longer we take to raise the funds and start the work, the more expensive it will be. Our architect Jeremy Bell was clear that inflation increases for building work far outstrip standard inflation rises. Part of our good stewardship for the redevelopment involves minimising this.

October 2006

Audrey B's summer cream teas went down a treat! Not only have her Thursday afternoon teas been raising money for REVIVE but they have also been a great way for church members to socialise during the August social wilderness. The first two cream teas have raised £22 and £31 respectively. It has also been agreed that profits from the church Sunday lunches will go to REVIVE, so thanks to all those who are involved in making these happen.

We are busy people with busy lives and lots of calls on our time but we can each play a part in REVIVE, whether through prayer support, additional financial giving, putting on an event or attending those that are held.

As a church we voted for the redevelopment project and it will only happen with our involvement and support. Now that we have had the chance to 'recharge our batteries' over the summer, let's get cracking with enthusiasm and energy on our vision for the REVIVE redevelopment to help us be a the Family Church we want to be one that welcomes and values EVERYONE and offers support and encouragement to ALL.

Thank you for your support and participation so far and remember the words that appear most frequently in the Bible 'do not fear' and 'be courageous'!

September 2006

The Revive Committee meets with the architect on Wednesday, 6th September and we hope to bring good news to the next Church meeting on the status of our development plans, ideally with confirmation of a start date on building work in early 2007

Sincere thanks are due to Alan and Kate Yates for hosting the barbeque at their home in July and to all those who have thus far increased their giving, either through the Orange envelope scheme or by standing order mandate.

August 2006

By the time you read this we will have had the following REVIVE events:

  • Craft Fair
  • Cream teas
  • Caribbean evening
  • Barbeque

We made £175.53 profit from the barbeque from the sale of tickets and contributions for drinks. However, we also had contributions from people of salads and puddings, as well as a contribution to cover all the expenses, which increased the total for REVIVE to £325.50!

Other dates for your diaries:

  • Thursday afternoons in August from 3pm - Cream teas
  • St Andrew’s night dinner and dance – Crendon Hall - Friday 17 November 2006
  • Ladies’ pampering afternoon - Crendon Hall - Saturday 9 September 2006
  • Autumn Fair, Crendon - Saturday 14 October 2006
  • Craft Fair, Trinity U.R.C. - date/time tbc.
  • Burns' Night Supper & Ceilidh - date/time tbc.

July 2006

There is a limited amount to report again this month, as much of the "work in progress" sits with our architect, Jeremy Bell

The new special envelope scheme comes into efffect from Sunday, 2nd July and envelopes can be obtained from John Standfield. Please remember to see Tony Hatton regarding Gift Aiding your contributions if you are a U.K. taxpayer. The fundraising committe have written an open letter regarding the new scheme (88KB) which also contains a gift aid declaration form.
The letter itself is a PDF file, if you do not have a reader installed, click on the link below to download Acrobat Reader

The St. Andrews Night Dinner & Dance will take place on Friday, 17th November in Crendon Hall.

We have been informed that the Synod loan will be for a period of ten years and the rate of interest will not be fixed as previously indicated. The rate will be that applicable when we take up the load and can increase or decrease over the period of the loan, depending on market rates. The current rate is 4% per annum.

The decision on a grant from the Historic Churches Preservations Trust has been delayed due to a shortage of funds. They hope to give us an answer in September

The cream teas event in May went well, preceeded a few weeks before by the Carribean evening. The next main event is the BBQ on Saturday, 15th July. Contact for details

June 2006

There is a limited amount to report this month, as much of the "work in progress" sits with our architect, Jeremy Bell, who is preparing the application to the Listed Buildings Advisory Committee for presentation to their June meeting.

Funds stood at £128,000, at the end of April and we will be launching the new Special Envelope Scheme from the beginning of July. We have ordered 70 packs of envelopes in the earnest hope that all of us who voted to proceed with the project and all of us who will benefit from the re-development will feel ready and willing to commit an additional contribution to the funding of the project according to our means. You can, alternatively, contribute by monthly Standing Order Mandate and we have a facility on our Accounts package to split the amount you are contributing between normal offertory and the Revive project. We simply need your instructions on the split of your increased contributions. However you choose to pay, please remember to Gift Aid your contributions, if you are a UK taxpayer. Please see Tony Hatton for details.

Finally, a small team of "serially deranged" Scots are planning a St Andrews Night Dinner and Dance for late November 2006 (date to be confirmed in the July Recorder). We hope that everyone will support the event and invite their friends along. Based on around 100 people attending we would hope to raise around £1000 for the project.

Sincere thanks to everyone for their magnificent support to date.

March 2006

I am delighted to advise all members, adherents and friends that March Church Meeting approved the Phase I re-development of our buildings, at a projected cost of £150,000, as follows:

  • Disabled access to the front of the Sanctuary
  • Disabled access from the Sanctuary to the Lower School Room
  • New heating system
  • New, considerably enlarged dais
  • Re-decoration of the Sanctuary
  • New glass doors at the front of the Sanctuary and new entrance doors to the Sanctuary
  • New disabled toilet, adjacent to the Lower School Room
  • New toilets, adjacent to the Lower School Room
Additionally, church meeting approved:
  • The appointment of a Quantity Surveyor to fully cost Phase I
  • The appointment of a Consultant Heating Engineer to assess the optimum replacement heating system for the buildings
  • Application for a Synod Loan of f 50,000, repayable over a ten year period, at a fixed interest rate of 4%
  • The introduction of a special envelope scheme to fund the loan from Synod, commencing May 2006.
  • The preparation of an application to the Listed Buildings Advisory Committee
  • Disposal of BB Funds, in large part to the Project Development Fund

Stop press: We have received the good news that Synod has approved the loan, so our funds at the time of going to press stand at £127,890.60.

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